Villa Scannagallo Activities

Tuscany is the ideal destination for a farm holiday, where you can add many experiences to the pleasure of living and relaxing to enrich your holiday. The surroundings of Villa Scannagallo in the greenery of Valdichiana are the ideal location for walking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or gastronomic experiences such as wine, oil, cheese tastings and Tuscan cooking classes.

Bike Tour and Trekking

The passion for sports and physical activity in the beautiful valley of Val di Chiana is a good reason to make your stay at Villa Scannagallo enjoyable and the opportunity to live in the open with no limits and no boundaries.

The hills of our region are ideal for cyclists of all levels of preparation for both road and mountain biking. On the farm, we have some mountain bikes available to guests.

You can go for trekking and walks in our fields. Alone or accompanied, the surrounding paths offer visitors the opportunity to admire the local history, art and almost untouched nature.

Cooking Lessons

Would you like to learn how to cook Tuscan dishes and discover the secrets of our old homemakers? Enjoy a unique experience during your stay at Villa Scannagallo. Personalised cooking classes at the farm with organic products, both individual and in groups, accompanied by a tasting of local wines. Write to us if you want more information or to learn about the availability and prices of the courses.

Tastings Villa Scannagallo

Many wineries in the area offer the chance to learn about the world of Tuscan wines, allowing you to visit cellars of excellence of known producers of great wines and their beautiful vineyards. Guided tastings will make you fall in love with the wine and the history that goes with it. You will taste unique wines and you will never forget their taste.

Even companies that produce oil or cheese offer the same opportunity to visit and taste their offerings. Please ask for information on your arrival or at the time of booking. This way we will be able to better organise your tasting.

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