Villa Scannagallo, a historic farmhouse | Apartments in Val di Chiana, near Cortona

The History Villa Scannagallo

The Paffetti family, has always been the owner of Villa Scannagallo, has a long history in the area. The Villa Scannagallo as proven by the documents, dates back to the thirteenth century when the first peace agreement was signed between Florence and Siena after the bloody Battle of Scannagallo after which the Villa is named.

The Battle of Scannagallo, won by Medici of Siena, gave birth to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. It is said that Tuscany was born here. Giorgio Vasari, at the request of Cosimo dei Medici, frescoed the great east wall of the Salone dei Cinquecento of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, admirably illustrating the Florentine victory in the famous Battle of Scannagallo or Marciano.

Global interest in battle rose through novel "INFERNO" written by Dan Brown in which Robert Langdon after observing the painting captures the first clue "CERCA TROVA" to solve yet another enigma while on his adventures. The peace agreement signed here in the presence of Angelo Paffetti, an ancestor of Sandro, gave rise to the family crest that is represented by a dove with an olive branch flying over the hills.

The villa has always been the heart of the family's farm and Alessandro Paffetti along with his wife Antoinette decided to renovate the villa and give it new life, making it an ideal place to spend a holiday away from stress and city traffic in order to give guests moments of pure relaxation in the green hills of the Val di Chiana.

Villa Scannagallo Reception

Mrs. Antonietta, the soul of this villa, will welcome you into her home with her friendliness making herself available for your every need along with Barbara, who shares her enthusiasm and passion for this family activity.

You will find a tribute to Tuscan products in the home made cakes prepared for you. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to taste the extra virgin Tuscan olive oil produced by the company and collect vegetables and fresh tomatoes from the garden. Maps of the area, language guides are provided for the guests for organising walks or trips to the nearby villages and towns.

Paffetti family will be happy to give you any information that you may require, be it advice about what to see, whether you want to visit cellars, cool off with a stop at the spa, go hiking or biking or play sports.

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