Farmhouse in Val di Chiana, near Foiano della Chiana and Cortona | Villa Scannagallo

The Val di Chiana Villa Scannagallo

A land rich in history and traditions, inhabited since Etruscan times, offers Etruscan routes and sites in addition to various Archaeological Museums. Interesting artistic routes dedicated to the Renaissance: from Della Robbia to Signorelli, from Duccio da Boninsegna to Piero della Francesca. Unique and hard to find routes among flavours and wines: Chianina meat, cheeses, cured meats, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico, and Brunello di Montalcino. There is no lack of interesting national events throughout the year: Sagra della Bistecca (steak festival) and antiques exhibition in Cortona in August, Palio dei Rioni in Castiglione Fiorentino in June, Maggiolata in Lucignano in May, Carnival in Foiano in February, Porchetta Festival (Sagra della Porchetta) in Monte San Savino in September, Palio in Siena in July and August, Rites of the Holy Week in Castiglione Fiorentino on Easter, Palio dei Somari (Donkey Festival) in Torrita in March, live nativity scenes of Marciano della Chiana and Castiglione Fiorentino.

Villa Scannagallo Arezzo

Arezzo is a city that suffers due to its proximity to its more famous sisters, Siena and Florence, but it actually has a huge value. In Arezzo, works of art by famous artists such as Piero della Francesca can be found, who has left us the fresco cycle entitled "The Legend of the True Cross", kept inside the Basilica of San Francesco. The city also boasts of having given birth to Giorgio Vasari, the great artist who painted the "The Battle of Scannagallo" painting preserved in Florence. Along with these, many other cultural and architectural artistic wonders adorn Arezzo, which deserves to be visited and enjoyed thoroughly.

Villa Scannagallo Siena

This town stands on a hill, inside the so-called "Crete Senesi”". The town has a medieval look, both in terms of how it is organised, with the most important buildings around the main square, the walls surrounding the city and the numerous narrow streets that connect the main roads, and in the cultural aspect. Siena has always been linked to tourism and the tourists who come here do not miss anything, from Piazza del Campo, on which stands the Torre del Mangia. Then there is the Duomo, and for those who want a bit of show: the Palio. Visiting Siena is always exciting and it always manages to surprise you and leave you breathless (also because it is all uphill!)

Villa Scannagallo Perugia

Perugia, the capital of Umbria, is a beautiful city that attracts many tourists from around the world. In fact, it is a real treasure of art as well as a very evocative and eye pleasing city. The undisputed centre is the Fontana Maggiore square, the stage of most of the cultural events throughout the year, which enliven the city streets. They also have many museums, both for artistic and culinary works, such as the Museo del Bacio Perugina. Therefore, whether you visit for cultural or culinary reasons (the international Eurochocolate event takes place right here in Perugia), you will not be disappointed

Villa Scannagallo Montepulciano and Val d’Orcia

Val d'Orcia has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the beauty of its landscapes, its nature and the stunning architecture of the small villages, castles and abbeys that dot its landscape. In Val d’Orcia, you can enjoy all sorts of Tuscan delights, from delicacies like Pecorino di Pienza to world famous wines such as Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Montepulciano is one of the largest important towns in Val d'Orcia, with a story that starts from the Etruscan period and runs throughout the Middle Ages: the town hall and the numerous churches offer glimpses of history and culture that have made the city what it is now.

Villa Scannagallo Florence

Florence, the cradle of Renaissance, is a city that everyone knows, and would like to visit it at least once. The cultural and historical heritage of Tuscany has always attracted and influenced great people and great artists. This city has become the most visited tourist attraction of Tuscany: Uffizi Museum, Giotto's Bell Tower, Cathedral and other beautiful churches, bridges over the Arno and Ponte Vecchio and Piazzale Michelangelo with its panoramic view of the city attract many tourists each year, who are eager to admire its beauty.
Florence also has a university that boasts of one of the most renowned oenology faculty of Tuscany.

Villa Scannagallo Assisi

The city of St. Francis, with its great basilicas dedicated to St. Francis and St. Claire, is a city with a religious background but it never fails to amaze with its landscapes and its historical and architectural marvels.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is full of religious and historical monuments dating from Roman to modern times.

Assisi is nestled on the slopes of Mount Subasio, and dominates the Perugian valley below, offering truly breath-taking views of Umbria.

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